A Set of 3 Wall Decor Baskets / Tonga Baskets - FREE SHIPPING

  • Binga baskets are selected to go well together as a wall display but you can split them up, give them as gifts or use them the best way you wish.
  • The baskets are made from wild grass, vines, palm tree, tree bark. They are traditionally used for winnowing grains.
  • The baskets are round with brown rims , made using wild grass, small vines, and palm leaves dyed with tree bark.
  • Depending on how you would like it to hang, you can screw with a nail through the middle or loop a thread on the rims to hang.
  • The sizes are range
    • XL -45-48 cm Diameter
    • L-40-43cm diameter
    • S-30-33 cm diameter