Rustic Farmhouse Wall Hanging Decor

hese beautiful mats are made from sustainably grown sisal in Kitui , Eastern Kenya. They are made by the local Akamba tribe. This job is done by women. The sisal is harvested ,beaten into pulp and fibre squeezed. The fibre is then dyed in desired colours and woven into these beautiful mats that can be used as wall decor or as table mats.

The width of the mats is 50cm including the fridges. Being sisal these mats have a rough feel to them. They will have imperfections consistent with handmade items which adds character to them. No 2 mats will look the same.

They are rustic and very beautiful for any purpose. Do not wash them or leave them in direct sunlight as the dye may fade. Dust them lightly and if there is a spill on wipe with a damp but not wet cloth.
Every purchase goes into helping the women fend for their children and support themselves and their families. Most of who are widowed.

We Offer Wholesale Prices for more 10 or more Pieces