Swahili Baskets / Handwoven Storage Baskets / Natural Floor Basket-Large


In the rural countryside of Eastern Kenya is Kitui county, women specialize in weaving the tough fibers of the agave sisalana plant. Sisal's spiky leaf clusters erupt from a dry landscape and often requires long journeys to gather. Once woven, these baskets are sold to local and international markets. Singing, dancing, and chatting make weaving for export an enjoyable social event!

Using strands of sisal dyed to a beautifully neutral sand tone, weavers craft simple baskets that serve as chic storage in any room of the home. Sisal is a natural fiber extracted from an agave plant, so the baskets are coveted for their durability and ability to be re-shaped.

We recommend spraying lightly with cold water to reshape baskets.

These baskets are 12 (25cm)height and 14"  (35cm) across without the handles.