Bulk Tonga Baskets / Wall Baskets / Wall Plates -Bundles of 5 Pieces

  • Binga baskets are selected to go well together as a wall display but you can split them up, give them as gifts or use them the best way you wish.
  • The baskets are made from wild grass, vines, palm tree, tree bark. They are traditionally used for winnowing grains. These baskets will have imperfections as they are handmade with natural materials.
  • These are bundled into 5 pieces , each bundle with same sizes.
  • We will make the best mix for you but would you like to select, do not hesitate to contact us.
  • How to care for them:
    • Dust them lightly and regularly.
    • Do not keep them in direct sunlight as this can make colours fade over time.
    • Keep away from damp as this can cause mould.
    • Keep also away from fireplace as the heat can dry out the fibres.